Power up your game by purchasing Warbux, the official in-game currency of Dominions of War! Warbux buy a variety of game enhancing items, including resources from other players, upgraded abilities, or even "Epic" recipies and spells! Purchases help support DOW and our team of independent game developers.
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Technical Support

Having problems? Technical support is available via e-mail or the technical support area on the forums. Refer to the links below for access to these support resources:

Email: info@wsra.com

Link: Support Forums

Technical support is for technical issues only, such as bugs. If you are having difficulty playing the game, are being harassed by another player, or think you have found a general glitch, please check with the public forums for assistance before contacting support directly.

Please keep in mind that this is a game of discovery and changing rules as the play field evolves. New features are added regularly without notice, and many features of the game are not well documented intentionally to encourage players to explore and experiment. Additionally, rules and methods may vary from server to server. As a result, you may suffer loss or gain and assume it is a bug when it is not. Please respect the developer's and admin's responses on such issues.